Saint George’s Day

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The story says that Saint George was a hero. He saved a beautiful princess who was nearly killed by a dragon who had been terrorizing and harassing a village.
Saint George is the Patron Saint of the former Crown of Aragon and his story tale is very popular in this region.
Saint George’s day in Catalonia is the most romantic day of the year, not only because of this. It’s also a feast, which people celebrate showing their love to each other. The tradition is that women give men books and men give roses to women. It’s compared with Valentine’s Day, but it’s not only for couples. Nowadays people give books and roses to family and friends too.
In Barcelona is a great festival, where you can a find lots of stalls in the street where you can buy books and roses and see people dancing Sardanas in some squares of the city.
We invite to celebrate this day, giving a book or a rose to the ones you love!

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