Are you good at languages?

Alex Rawlings is a language teacher and polyglot from London. At the age of 23 he can already speak eleven languages; English, Greek, Russian, Catalan, German, Spanish, Dutch, Afrikaans, French, Hebrew and Italian.
When he was a child her mother used to speak to him in Greek and French. He used to visit her mother’s family in Greece. Later he was living in Japan because of his father’s job. At the beginning he felt frustrated because he wanted to talk to other children there. But step by step he succeeded. He always had the feeling of speaking different languages but he says his favourite language is Greek because he’s spoken it since childhood and it’s a sentimental value for him.
To know more about him, you can watch a video from the BBC when he was 20 years old. In this video he explains how he became fluent in 11 languages. He gives some tips on how to learn languages. Some of them are the importance of feeling motivated and living sometime in the country where people speak the language you want to learn, that way you will improve faster he explains.

You can also visit Alex Rawlings’s blog.

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