INGLÉS – Prueba de nivel

Si desea conocer su nivel de inglés, responda a las siguientes preguntas, eligiendo la opción correcta. Una vez lo tengamos corregido, le enviaremos por correo electrónico la correspondiente valoración, así como las sugerencias de un experto en formación sobre las alternativas de formación que mas se ajusten a su nivel de conocimiento. Si prefiere que le llamemos por teléfono, complete el campo correspondiente.

Nombre y Apellidos (requerido)

E-mail (requerido)


Población (requerido)

Indícanos que horario se adecúa más a ti. (requerido)
MañanasTardes de 16:00 a 19:00 hs.A partir de las 19:00 hs

Indícanos la carga horaria semanal que mejor se adecúa a tus necesidades. (requerido)
2 días, 1 hora y media cada día1 día, 3 hs de lunes a viernes1 día, 3hs en sábadosIndiferente

Comentarios: explícanos brevemente cuales son los objetivos que buscas conseguir (requerido)

1. They ___ Italian.

isn’tnot arewasn'taren't

2. This is my friend. ___ name’s Lucy.


3. My brother ___ in a book shop.

workdon't workworksdoesn't works

4. Is Mount Everest ___ mountain in the world?

the higherthe highestthe more highthe most highest

5. It’s my ___ house!


6. It’s ten ___ two.


7. They ___ the news on television.

always watchwatch alwaysto watch alwaysalways watches

8. I like ___ my homework in the evening.

doingto domakingto make

9. He ___ to Paris before.

haven’t beenwasn’thasn’t beenhasn’t be

10. This isn’t your book. It’s ___


11. He ___ play the guitar very well.

doesn’t cancanscan’tcan to

12. It ___ when we went out.

wasn’t rainingweren’t rainingisn’t rainingweren’t rain

13. I had a good time, ___ the weather wasn’t very nice.


14. Can we pay ___ credit card?


15. Anne ___ to have fruit for breakfast, but she does now.

doesn’t usedidn’t usewasn’t usedid use

16. Why aren’t you doing your homework?
I’ve ___ it!

already diddone alreadydone justalready done

17. That’s the woman ___ came here yesterday.


18. Are you afraid ___ spiders?


19. It’s so hot! ___ the window?

Am I openShall I openI can’t openWill I to open

20. Would ___ to the cinema tonight?

you like to goyou like goinglike you to goyou liking to go

21. It’s free! You ___ pay.

mustn’thaven’t todon’t have tomustn’t to

22. If I need help, I ___ call you.

willwouldwantdon’t will

23. I ___ it, if I were you.

wouldn’t buywon’t buydidn’t buydon’t buy

24. She ___ come to the party. I think she has to look after her niece.

not mightmightn’tmight notdoesn’t might

25. Tell him ___ tonight.

don’t comedoesn’t comenot comingnot to come

26. Do you know where ___?

Sue liveslives Suedoes Sue livedoes Sue lives

27. My parents will be very angry with me if I don’t ________ my exams.


28. If you hadn’t been late, we ___ the bus.

wouldn’t have missedhaven’t missedhadn’t misseddidn’t miss

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